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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Goal Setting

Goal setting is so important. The changes I have made in my life could not have been accomplished without them. Now before you check out on me consider this: all goals must be attainable. If not they are just "pie in the sky" and will make you frustrated. By following the Daniel Plan I set some goals early on.

Here are six that I started with:
1. Eat more healthy foods and cut out junk food.
2. Do some sort of exercise every day. (Take more steps, stretch, light weights, etc.)
3. Drink more water. (also herbal teas and hot fresh lemon water are great)
4. Laugh more (I like funny squirrel photos).
5. Take supplements for stress and anxiety. (Recommended in the book) 
6. Share how I am doing every day with someone. (with my spouse or a friend)

The results have been nothing short of a miracle. Please watch my video on goal setting:

I hope you are encouraged to do something to make your life healthier and happier. God desires you to be your best, and will help you. I will restore your health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord. - Jeremiah 30:17 

Change your life today, and set some goals. Read The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren, and check out the Daniel Plan Website Here