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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grace for a Change

Many times when we are going through times of trouble we make the statement, “I can’t wait until things get back to “Normal”? The truth is that the old “normal” has ceased to exist. Your crisis has changed something or someone forever. Your lifestyle, circumstances, thinking, health, finances, the way you see things have changed. A lot of the time it is for the better – at least it makes us more mindful the Lord. The realization that our help really does come from God, and we need to be better listeners, more obedient, and better connected to Him can happen through His grace.
The next three days we will look at three familiar stories about change: Nicodemus, the Prodigal son and Jonah.  In the story of Jonah we see God’s grace in action. Change was possible for the prophet and for the Ninevites. One thing that doesn't change is God’s direction and great forgiveness.
God did not change His mind about what He wanted Jonah to do. He was to preach to the city of Nineveh.  After his ordeal Jonah decides to be obedient.  Let’s admit - we’re a lot like Jonah. The good news is that we don’t have to be thrown in the ocean and swallowed by a big fish. Obeying God is a great step in making changes in our lives.
 I am God—yes, I Am. I haven’t changed. And because I haven’t changed, you, the descendants of Jacob, haven’t been destroyed. You have a long history of ignoring my commands. You haven’t done a thing I’ve told you. Return to me so I can return to you,” – Malachi 3:4-6 (Message)

Are you willing to allow God’s grace help you with changes you face?