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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Healthy Church

Did you know that you get a new skeleton every seven years? Your bone marrow is constantly creating new bone, and you’re sloughing off old cells so that your skeleton can grow with your body.
Change is necessary for growth.
-         Restructuring prepares the church for growth and to break through barriers.  
-         About 95 percent of all the churches in the world stop growing before they get to 300 people because they are structured to be at a size less than 300.
-         It’s not the problem of the pastor or the people; it’s a problem of the structure.
We often ask the wrong question.
The wrong question is, “What will help my church grow?”
The right question is, “What is keeping my church from growing?”

Growth is natural. All living things naturally grow. I don’t have to command my grandkids to grow; they just do it, if they’re healthy. If your church is healthy, then it is going to automatically grow.
May we pray for and seek to be healthy churches. Amen?