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Sunday, June 19, 2016


This my first Father's Day without my Dad... I am sad about not being able to see him today, but his legacy and training run deep through our family. I believe he would agree with the following, and modeled it during his lifetime.

7 Aspects of Fatherhood
1. Provider – in order to prepare for your children’s future
2. Protector – our children are priceless – We  must be their defense
3. Leader – loving them by giving direction and communication
4. Authority - teach to honor and respect
5. Teacher - truthful lessons about God and life
6. Example - living it out every day. It is what you do consistently.
7. Friend - You like to be around them and them you - a trusting relationship.

Our relationship with God stems off our relationship with our Father or Father figure. Work on these aspects of fatherhood - even if you are not a Dad you'll be a better role model!

Happy Father's Day!