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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Life and Death

It just might be that the one who is most equipped to live the Christian life to the fullest is the one who is most prepared for a good death. If that’s true, then it just might be that preparing people for a good death—in the grace and power of God—is precisely the same thing as equipping people to live a full life—in the grace and power of God.

Acts 6:5, Stephen is described as “full of faith and the Holy Spirit.” In verse 8, “Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power…”  Every indication is that Stephen’s story has a lot to say about the characteristics of good death and full life. Stephen is an example of living and dying (1) without fear, (2) without bitterness, (3) focused on Christ, (4) immersed in scripture.

Do the things now in life that will be remembered and encourage others to do the same. I thank the Lord for Godly examples in my life and yours.
May we go (and live) likewise. Amen?