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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Deal with Storms

With Hurricane Irene heading up the coast, and all the preparations being made, it reminded me of a recent study on David. King David had to deal with a few crisis and storms in his life, and there were two constant things he did to see him through. He took time to worship God and to pray.

David was forced to evacuate his city but still kept his focus on the Lord. Even in the midst of this dangerous situation he offered sacrifices to God until everyone had left the city. David was literally running for his life but that did not mean that he would not seek the presence of God. When we take the time to worship it is literally seeking the presence of God. David understood something that we often forget, when a crisis comes, worship needs to remain a priority in our lives.

Far too often, we allow circumstances and difficulties to come between us and our ability to worship. Worship must be a priority in our lives because when we go through hard times we must seek the presence of God. He can accomplish what we cannot.

Prayer is one of your most valued resources during a crisis. Just as worship is a seeking of God’s presence, prayer is a seeking of God’s provision. David understood that if he was going to get through the crisis, he needed God’s provision. When you go through a crisis seek God’s provision because he has the ability to deliver all of your needs.
Crises are a fact of life and we all have to deal with them. Your problems may not be to the extent that David had to deal with or a hurricane, but the reality is that when you go through them, you don’t go through them alone.

When trials face you, that is the time to seek God’s presence and provision even more earnestly. Today maybe you are going through a crisis, take some time to seek God and find His strength and support for your life in a fresh way.

Have a good and Godly day.