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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Discover Your Vision

Before every great undertaking in life there is someone who has a vision for the task ahead. Every Christ follower needs to discover God’s vision for their life.

Vision will bring five things in to your life.

1. Vision brings definition. Vision defines our decisions on life. Can you form a one-sentence vision statement for your life?

2. Vision brings design. Just like the steps in life: conception, gestation, birth, growth, maturity, and finally reproduction. Previous visions are reproduced into newer and expanded visions – the dream goes on.

3. Vision brings about doing. Nothing happened in the rebuilding of Jerusalem until Nehemiah’s vision took on definition and design. This brought about the motivation to rebuild. Doing the vision serves as a witness to other believers and to the world who is watching.

4. Vision brings direction. Where are you headed? Personal vision guides your life.

5. Vision brings dependence. Visions should be God-sized so there is no way for them to be accomplished without Him. The Lord sees our potential.

What vision has God placed on your heart?