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Monday, December 15, 2014

Living a Wonderful Life

All of us have seen the classic Christmas movie; It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. In the movie, Stewart plays George Bailey who inherited the Bailey Building and Loan after his father dies. Throughout the story we see this man overcoming one thing after another: the stock market crash, the Depression, and World War II. Just when life was returning to normal another drama unfolds. His absentminded uncle misplaces $8000 and George knows he will probably go to jail. On a snowy night he heads out in desperation, uncertain about what to do. He comes to a bridge and considers committing suicide wishing he had never been born. George is saved by Clarence Oddbody, his guardian angel, who jumps in first. George saves him, but still wishes he had never lived. George’s request is granted.

Stewart’s character gets to see what the world would have looked like had he never been born. Through the rest of the movie we discover that George’s life has made a significant impact on his family, his friends, his community, and had he never been born, other people’s lives would have been worse off. The movie helps us realize the impact one person can make on those around us whether it is for good or for bad.

How about the Christmas story, and posing the question, what if Jesus was never born?

What if the first Christmas never happened?  No angels, no virgin birth, no manger, no shepherds, no wise men… No baby Jesus?

What kind of an impression has Jesus made on the world?
In our personal lives Jesus gives us hope, healing, wisdom, direction, protection, provision, rest, and so much more.

In our society we know most orphanages, hospitals, care organizations, and colleges were all begun by Christians.

What impression has Jesus made on you?