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Thursday, January 15, 2015

In His Arms

God doesn’t care what you’ve done, who you are, or where you’re at. He will do the unthinkable and the ridiculous to get to you and reveal to you His extraordinary love. He will leave the greater sum value to find one, because each is a bearer of his image and of infinite value. … Even the 12 disciples were stuck on worth being something that was earned and achieved.

His Arms  Read Mark 10:13-16 The last verse, “Jesus took the children in his arms, placed his hand on them and blessed them.” He took all of the children in his arms.  It didn’t matter how many there were.

He wants to take everybody in His arms but some of us are too busy trying to wiggle out to give our speeches, pay Him back, earn His love.  Just like the Prodigal in his father’s arms, he was trying to get away and explain himself, but his father ignored him. His father continued to hold him and love him and celebrate.

God is saying, “Would you stop trying to fix yourself, and improve yourself, and better yourself, and let Me hold you? Just come let Me hold you, restore you, heal you, forgive you, love you, celebrate you.” - Grace

Grace starts in His arms, ends in His arms, and is all about being in His arms.

Jesus is grace. (It’s worth discovering)