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Friday, April 29, 2016

Church Feelings

I recently was reminded about a guy who complained to his mother that he didn’t feel like going to church that morning.

His mom said, “What are you talking about. Get out of bed and get going. Why on earth would you stay home from church?”

The man said, “I’ll give you two reasons. First, I don’t like those people. And second, they don’t like me.”

His mother said, “Well I’ll give you two reasons you should go. First, you’re fifty-nine years old. … And second, you’re the Pastor!” 

Regardless who you are sometimes we don't "feel" like going to church. There's lots of good reasons why we should go.Sociologist’s studies over the past twenty years show that those who attend church regularly have:
·         lower blood pressure
·         happy outlooks
·         better marriages
·         less divorces
·         and longer lives! 

The biggest reason to go is that you'll meet Jesus and His people there. I hope you have taken advantage of this Lord's day, and went to your church. There is no better place to be!