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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Little Help Please

The My Hope with Billy Graham outreach has a great system for the care of new Christians. The Great Commission tells us to  “...Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...” -Matthew 28:19. All believers should use the example of Paul when helping others grow and mature in the faith.
Follow Up Strategies
-         Paul GAVE himself - put other's needs before your own
-         Paul PRAYED for them - praying for growth and protection
-         Paul SENT others - when you can't be there
-         Paul WROTE letters - keep in contact
-         Paul RETURNED personally - nothing is better than the fellowship of believers

We must be in the process of giving continued attention to new Christians until they are at home in the local church, find out how they can serve, develop their full potential for Jesus Christ and help to build Christ’s Church.

Be wise today and always - be a big brother or sister in Christ