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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Covenant

Many of us experienced during this Easter season and throughout the the year, communion (or Lord's supper).  In Matthew 26:17-30 Jesus talks about this "new covenant" that is made with His bodily sacrifice. Read this Scripture on your own but think about the terms, cost, and benefits of entering in to this promise (contract, agreement) with Jesus.

1. The TERMS of the new covenant.
- we must receive this offer from Christ
- we must take Him as our substitute
- we must claim Him as our Savior
- we must trust Him as our Lord

2. The COST of the new covenant.
- we need to understand the pain Christ went through
- we need to understand the horror of our sin
- we need to understand how much Christ loves us

3. The BENEFITS of a new covenant.
- we are forgiven and allowed to be friends with God
- we are given the Holy Spirit and eternal life
- we are given unlimited access to God in prayer
- we are given promises by God
- we are made “new” and part of the Christian family

There is no better agreement or covenant to be in than the one with Jesus. Amen?