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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Service Experience

At the Global Leadership Summit this year I heard I great presentation on being the best servant you can be. Desiring to be the servant God desires I bought the book he suggested, The New Gold Standard.  The teaching contains five leadership principles for creating a legendary service experience.

1. Define and Refinecommunicating the core identity and culture of your group
2. Empower through Trustselection, training, and empowerment of servers
3. It’s Not About Youfocus on others with empathy (can do attitude)
4. Deliver Wow!actions needed to deliver a great experience
5. Leave a Lasting Footprintaspire, achieve, and teach for a lasting impression

 I believe that these are wonderful principles for welcoming people in to the church. The ironic thing is that these principles are from the training manual for employees of the Ritz-Carlton!

A luxury hotel experience should not be better than what we offer at God’s House. Let’s focus on giving our best. Amen?