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Thursday, July 14, 2016

You Are Invited

We used to get invitations to life's big events in the mail that contained something called a RSVP. It meant we needed to respond Yes or No by calling or returning a small card to the one planning the event. Now, most of my invites come through social media. I noticed a change to the old RSVP system. We can now respond to the invite - Yes, No, or Maybe!
I don’t like maybe. Either you are in or out, but our culture feels we need this third alternative. Do we ever treat God this way? Well... You Are Invited! God wants us to participate in His kingdom’s work. He has called us to be obedient in living life a certain way. What is your response?
 In your great love revive me so I can alertly obey your every word. Psalm 119:88
As a Christ follower value the things that God values – say Yes. Amen?