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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve's Eve

Tonight we are having a Christmas service at Hopewell church at 7PM. I am really looking forward to it. It may seem at an odd time, but I believe anytime is appropriate to acknowledge, worship, and focus on Jesus. Don't you?

We had an early addition to my family (a granddaughter) at this time last year. She came 18 days early but was such a blessing to all of us. She is my son's first child, and there are a lot of questions and nerves. We know that God will see them through them all.

Just like He did over 2000 years ago to another couple with lots of questions and nervousness - Mary and Joseph. On the original Christmas Eve's Eve they were travelling far from their home, very pregnant, and much "not knowing" - where they would stay, what the future held, bringing up the Son of God! 

God saw them through it all and we now have Jesus to celebrate at Christmas and all year long. Today let's praise God for always being there for us when we need direction, love, and hope.

Share God's Christmas story with someone today. Amen?