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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Are We There?

There is Language used in the Land Between – Phrases like: “For now”, How much longer”, “Are we ever going to get there?”, “No one cares”, “I am all alone”,” I can’t stand this”, “Hope it stops soon”, Why Me?

Does this sound familiar?  Most of us would like to get from here to there without the journey.  But it's in this land where we can learn the most about God and ourselves. God will meet you during this time. Tell Him, “It’s too heavy, I can’t carry it.” Bring your complaints to God rather than complaining about Him. Thank God for meeting your needs of yesterday and trust in His ability to provide today. The Great I Am - Can see you through!

Soil that has been hidden, hard, or resistant can turn into a Crop of Abundance. Look to the Creator of all things and ask for the growth He so desires for us to have.