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Monday, June 8, 2015

Waiting in the Land Between

We moved out to our 23 acre mini farm in Ohio the Spring of 1987 the grass was growing and the flowers were blooming. I never saw anything more lovely and green in my life! We had a big storm the second night we were there that knocked our electric out, and wondered how many more we would have to endure that Summer. The answer ended up being zero. It never rained again. By mid Summer everything looked to be dead or dying, and the ground started to crack. The ground became drier and drier even though I tried watering and watering. It didn’t seem to help, but then I noticed my hard work had not gone to waste. Something was indeed growing! The soil was fertile... for weeds! The dry and dusty ground was indeed a fertile place.

Even in good weather when plants are thriving, the weeds grow and spread much faster than the plants I desire to keep. It’s as if the weeds need very little to germinate and grow. I think the same thing happens to us. God brings us to a dry and dusty place for the
purpose of creating something beautiful. Sometimes we think nothing will grow in the place God has put us because it feels like a dry and barren desert. But that’s not true! 

The soil God has planted us in is indeed fertile ground. It is a soil in which God desires to nurture us through our struggles and drive our roots deep. God’s desire is that we would trust Him and bloom with thanksgiving, praise and joy even in a desert. Too often we respond to His nurturing by giving back a bumper crop of weeds in the form of complaint and doubt.

The Israelites were no different. God brought the people of Israel out from Egypt and and was moving them towards a beautiful land that had been promised for years. One year into the journey the Israelites find themselves between the lush green land of Egypt and the Promised Land. They are in a desert. Seemingly nothing will grow in this “Land Between.” But the Land Between, despite being a desert, is fertile ground for many things to grow.

If this is where you find yourself look with new eyes today and see God's hand. It's there.