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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preparing for Change

“Generations come and go but it makes no difference. The sun rises and sets and hurries around to rise again. The wind blows south and north, here and there, twisting back and forth, getting nowhere. The rivers run into the sea but the sea is never full, and the water returns again to the rivers, and flows again to the sea. History merely repeats itself. Nothing is truly new; it has all been done or said before. What can you point to that is new? How do you know it didn’t exist long ages ago? We don’t remember what happened in those former times, and in the future generations no one will remember what we have done back here” (Ecclesiastes. 1:4-7; 9-11).

Solomon didn’t think there was anything new. His thinking was probably clouded through not being where the Lord wanted him, but from God’s view He’s not surprised by the things that are new to us.

What is your attitude towards change?

There are certain principles and truths about change.

1.     The future will not be like the past, and usually not what we expect. When we allow God to make the changes it will be extraordinary.
2.     The rate of change will be faster in the future then in the past. In today’s world with new technology changes happen at lightning speed.

Growth equals change. Please don’t confuse immobility with stability. To resist change usually doesn’t equate to security. Change is the price we pay for growth.

I’ve heard it said, We must give up to go up! In order to experience what change offers we must let go of the way we’ve always done things. Seek His ways and plans. They’re always better that anything we can come up with on our own.

Have a good and Godly day.