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Friday, September 11, 2015

God's Team

Yesterday I shared some ideas about being part of God’s team. There is so much more we can accomplish by working together for God’s goals. Here are some characteristics of an effective team, borrowed from the book “The Human Side of Enterprise” by Douglas MacGregor:

        A good a team is comfortable, relaxed and informal in their atmosphere.
        Everyone participates in discussions.
        The task is well defined and accepted by team members.
        Members REALLY listen to each other.
        On a good team, critical suggestions are made without personal attack.
        Members are free to express feelings and not just ideas.
        Everything is out in the open, with no hidden agendas.
        Clear assignments are made and accepted.
        Leadership shifts depending on the circumstance.

Apply some (or all) of these principles in your church or ministry situation. Follow Jesus’ example of leadership and following.  A great leader is a great follower! Amen?