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Sunday, December 13, 2015


There are three things we can learn from Simeon and Anna as found in Luke 2:21-40 about how have peace and contentment.
The third thing is that we need to prepare ourselves to receive God’s blessings.

Simeon was not a particularly important man, but he was known as a righteous and a devout man. In Greek that means “taking a good hold on something”. For him, God was at the center of this his life. Similarly, God was at the center of Anna’s life. She was constantly in the Temple day and night. She was known for her fasting and prayers. She was always worshiping God.

These were not CEO (Christmas and Easter Only) type of worshipers! Simeon and Anna were the type of worshipers who would have been present every time the church doors were opened. They were involved in nearly activity open to them, because they were dedicated people who loved God with all of their hearts, their souls and their minds.

It’s intriguing that it was ONLY to them that God revealed His message of peace.
You might be a Christian, but unless you commit yourself to putting God at the center of your life you’ll not only miss out on the peace of Christmas you’ll also miss out on a lot of other blessings from God.
Put Christ at the center of all you do this Christmas. Amen?