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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Healthy Church

God always deserves our best! Our physical, families’, and church health are critical to doing His work here on earth. Healthy equipping churches focus on…
1. Servanthood Culture
The staff and the leadership of the church embody, teach, equip and model a servanthood culture. They understand and respect that, in order to live in a biblical church, we have to live-out Christ’s ministry of servanthood.
2. Leadership
Leadership drives, models and sustains the values and the biblical directives of an equipping church.
3. Comprehensive Discovery
Comprehensive discovery looks at the uniqueness of every person in the church.  Not simply their gifts, but rather in concert with their skills, passions, and experiences, which call them to a specific area of ministry.  Do your discovery processes help people grow into who God created them to be?
4. Intentional Organizational Systems
Systems that serve and support all issues of the church from discovery, to stewardship, to retention, to assimilation, to pastoral care, to ministry inside and outside the walls of the church.
5. Ministry Alignment in the Expression of Service
People and ministries align with the servanthood culture and community connections of the church. Wherever people are gifted and called, there must be opportunities both within and outside the church for them to thrive and grow.
Strive to be healthy as individuals in order to be a healthy church family. Amen?