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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

He Is Awesome

I had the honor of meeting Pastor Charles Jenkins at a Movement Day conference in NYC a few years ago. He was one of the speakers, and blessed us closing the event with a song he wrote and recorded called – AWESOME
My God is Awesome/He can move mountains/Keep me in the valley/Hide me from the rain
My God is Awesome/Heals me when I'm broken/Strength where I've been weakened/
Forever He will reign...
My God Is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
My God is Awesome/Savior of the whole world/Giver of Salvation/By His stripes I am healed
My God is Awesome/Today I am forgiven/His grace is why I'm living/Praise His Holy name
My God Is Awesome/Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
He's Mighty, He's Holy, He's the Great Deliverer, Provider, and 
Protector, . He's Awesome! 

Exodus 15:11- Who among the gods is like you, Lord? Who is like you— majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?
Psalm 47:2 For the Lord Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth.

Our God is awesome! Amen?