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Friday, March 31, 2017

Hold Tight

Habakkuk's name means Embrace. Now this isn't just a hug it can also mean "to hold on tight" like in wrestling! Have you ever wanted to be consoled with a hug but got squeezed instead? That's what happens in the book of the Bible, Habakkuk. He asks God to do something about how bad his world was around him (Judah). I think he was hoping for a God movement or Revival. Instead God's answer was very different which led to more questions. The prophet searches for answers to his questions and is reassured by God. (1:1-17; 2:1-13, 15-20)

What will God do about Judah’s sins? (1:1-4) In the midst of the sins of violence, destruction, arguing, fighting, and injustice God is silent until now. Judgment will follow at the hands of their enemy, the Babylonians.

Does Judah have to be punished? (1:5-11) Yes, the Babylonian soldiers are described as swift leopards, fierce wolves, and devouring eagles who laugh at their enemies.

Will Babylon be punished? (1:12-17; 2:1-13, 15-20) Yes, and until then the righteous should live by faith. The reasons for their destruction are numerous but at the end it is their evilness and greed.

God deserves respect – “The Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before Him”. (20) Habakkuk realizes that regardless of the circumstances all believers are to not lose faith and honor God. Regardless of how He answers our prayers.

Ask God for His "embrace" today. Be ready and obedient to His response. (Even if it hurts.)