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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We are continuing to look at what will happen starting January 29th with Saddleback’s 40 Days in the Word. Two questions we usually ask ourselves before we commit to something are: What am I going to get out of it? and What questions will be answered?

Goals for 40 Days in the Word and questions that will be answered:
1.     Commit to the authority of the Word. Not to live life as the world instucts, but as the Word of God instucts.
2.     Love the Word – Why should I follow the Bible?
3.     Learn the Word – How should I study the Bible?
4.     Live the Word – How will it change my life?

The Bible warns us that we have not because we ask not! Ask God right now if this is 40 Days of your life that He wants you to give to Him. It can be your “Spiritual Lent”.

Be wise today and always.