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Friday, January 20, 2012


Rick Warren teaches that there are 5 Phases of Renewal:
1.     Personal – fall in love with God
2.     Relational – restoration – love each other
3.     Missional (purposeful) – kingdom assignment
4.     Structural – decisional & organizational change
5.     Cultural – change your area

Every church is directed by some force…..
By tradition – We’ve always done…
By personalities – What does the key leader think or want?
By finances – How much will it cost?
By buildings – They shape/determine how we minister or...
By programs – Calendar driven
By the unchurched – What do they want most?

Church attendance alone does not equate to spiritual maturity. We need to ask ourselves the question: How can my church and myself be renewed and grow?

Growth comes from health. Health comes from balance – living out God’s purposes. Plans and programs don’t last but God’s purposes do!

Remember the five purposes of the church and every believer: WORSHP – MINISTRY –FELLOWSHIP – DISCIPLESHIP – EVANGELISM

Be wise today and always – live out God’s purposes for your life and you’ll experience renewal.