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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Have you ever taken a look at - How science and history compare to the Bible?

“Through the wealth of data uncovered by historical and archaeological research, we are able to measure the Bible’s historical accuracy. In every case where its claim can be thus tested, the Bible proves to be accurate and reliable.”  - Jack Cottrell, The Authority of the Bible
The following can all be found originally in the book of Genesis.

What the Bible says:               What people thought:             What we now know:

Earth is a sphere.                   Earth is a flat disk.                 Earth is a sphere.

Number of stars =                 Number of stars =                   Number of stars =
             more than a billion.                1,100.                                     more than a billion.

Every star is different.            All stars are the same.              Every star is different.

Light is in motion.                  Light is fixed in place.                 Light is in motion.

Air has weight.                           Air is weightless.                     Air has weight.

    Winds blow in cyclones.              Winds blow straight.                 Winds blow in cyclones.
           Blood is a source of               Sick people must be                Blood is a source of
           life and healing.                      bled.                                        life and healing.

Be wise today and always - know the truths of the Bible.