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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Effects You

Today let us consider the Bible's uniqueness and - Its Effect on People.

 1. They never get through with it. - I've always said you can never get to the bottom of God's Word - It's too deep. We can keep learning and growing from it.
2. It alters their view of the world. - Once you have been exposed to the truth you will never look at things the same. You now have God's eyes and heart for humanity.

3. It changes their relating patterns. - It changes relationships because you relationship has been renewed with God.
4. It changes their values and ethics. - There is a right, wrong, and ultimate truth found in God's Word regardless if we accept it or not.

5. It changes their vocabulary. It's all about God and not about you! Words of kindness, caring, and love replaces evil, selfish, and hate.
6. It changes their view of eternity. You are promised eternity with God through belief in Jesus Christ. How awesome is that?

Be wise today and always - let the Bible change you forever.