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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Know When to Leave

Israel should have left Egypt after the famine was over, or at least upon Joseph’s death. That was God’s plan all along that they lived in the Promised Land not Egypt or anywhere else. They stayed because they were “prosperous” there. There’s an old saying that sums it up, “Flirting with sin may lead to a committed relationship!” It’s not about how close you can ‘walk the line’ – stay in God’s perfect will always.

Look at what “Here” was like for God’s People at the beginning of Exodus 1:1-7

A. Their identity. v. 1-4 This book of redemption and freedom is begun by the Lord naming names – the 12 tribes. Why is this important? It’s a good reminder that you live, and then you make the most of your time.
B. Their security. v. 5 Joseph was their security, because Joseph had gone before them already. He is an OT picture of Jesus Christ, Who has gone on before us and paved the way for us. Spiritually speaking, we are secure. But on a human level, Joseph died, according to v. 6, and eventually their security diminished...the basis of their blessing was gone.
C. Their prosperity v. 7 It can be a deceptive thing...prosperity. And there is a great difference between physical prosperity and spiritual prosperity. The children of Israel, in this paradise, became prisoners. Chapter 20 refers to Egypt as ‘the house of bondage’. It is possible to have everything...except joy. Things do not satisfy. It is possible to have gold, but not have God. 

The greatest "riches" come from God. Amen?