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Saturday, July 15, 2017

That Person

In 2 Kings 13:14-19 the King says to Elisha – “If you are going to leave us then make sure you leave us with some strength from God”.  Elisha puts his hands on the Kings hands to illustrated the process of spiritual instruction, guidance, and coaching. This is a picture of how God places His hands over weak human hands to do supernatural things. (Psalm 144:1) The prophet was about to mentor him in a whole new realm of warfare.

Then Elisha prophesied – You must strike and destroy them, and this was before he took the arrows! The King wasn't listening. He was waiting for something dramatic miracle to happen. His heart and faith were not in to it. He missed the warning and opportunity to change history. The King was polite instead of passionate. He sacrificed his nation’s hopes on the altar of public opinion (what would people think) and personal doubts (not trusting). The King failed to realize that he held the arrows of prophetic destiny in his hand.

We have the same opportunity when: “It’s time to pray, sing, listen and respond to the Word”. The passion with which we respond in the spiritual realm almost certainly predetermines our victory in the physical realm. When will we realize that the arrows of prophetic destiny are in our passionate praise and fervent worship? When passion comes down the aisle, presence comes back in the building. Remember Passion proceeds Presence. God has an incredible idea. He thinks church is about Him! In today’s fainting church should we be praying for a Holy Ghost defibrillator.

The King faced a divine opportunity when the prophet prophesied and handed him the arrows of deliverance – but he failed. The church is at a critical junction right now; a divine window in time has been opened. We choose our destiny by what we prioritize and make important. God wants us to choose between Him and the religious ideas we have about Him.

God is looking for people who will seize the arrows of opportunity and say, “If You said strike the ground, then we will obey although we don’t understand. All we know is to loose our passion for Your presence!”Are we that people? Are you that person?