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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vision Focus

The question is one we all ask: How can I know God's plan or vision for my life? I heard someone once say on this topic; You seize only what you can see! The problem with that mentality is where does faith come in to the equation? Jesus told us that we are blessed by believing and not seeing. 

Vision without the ability to achieve it makes it only a hallucination! But with God all things are possible and He will give you the ability if it His will, plan, and vision for your life. Here are some ideas on the subject.

Finding your Vision 

1. Vision starts from within - what is your heart

2. Vision draws on your history - past pains and victories

3.  Vision meets others needs - no one lives in a vacuum

4. Vision helps you gather resources - God will make a way

Focus on Listening

1. The inner voice - the Holy Spirit

2. The unhappy voice - God never wastes a hurt

3. The successful voice - where has God successfully used you

4. The higher voice - God's direction through His Spirit and Word

Think about what you would liked changed in this world, and be willing to do something about it.

Start today!