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Monday, October 29, 2012


The past five days we have studied Jesus’ three stories found in Luke 15. In every one of them, something goes missing. And we learn …

1. Everything that’s missing matters.
The sheep matters to the shepherd. The coin matters to the woman. And the son matters so much to the father.

2. What’s missing warrants an intentional search.
In each case, what was lost is searched for, found, and reclaimed.

3. Reclamation brings rejoicing.
The shepherd, the woman, and the father all throw parties out of pure happiness that what was lost is now found.

Do you see what Jesus is saying?
“Missing things matter enough to warrant an intentional search. Find everyone who’s missing and bring them to me.” Why? Because of the remarkable compassion we’ve been shown. We’ve experienced first-hand being lost and then found, being shown undeserved love, acceptance, and forgiveness. We are compelled by the love of the Father to bring the missing to Him.

Be wise today and always – bring the lost to Christ.