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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eternal Eyes and a Testimony

Have you ever heard the phrase, "What you see is what you get"? It's true but what we see is only temporary. What Jesus wants to offer us is eternal. One of the great things I've bee reminded of  from the Daniel Plan plan is God loves us the way we are (temporal) but loves us too much to leave us this way (eternal). A friend recently sent me his testimony about his changed life.

Dear Pastor Ty, Thank you for the Daniel Plan series you just completed. I greatly enjoyed it . The big reason I enjoyed it so much is that you are correct! I am a living testimony to the fact that it does work. Quite a few years ago I began to explore diets. It started out with limiting the amount of fat that I ate ( I do NOT count calories). First I cut out red meat and than milk. I added daily exercise and a better attitude and relationship with God. Truth is (and I can not say that this will be true for others) the last time I even had a cold or spent any time sick in bed was March of 1994, that's 20 full years. Thank God that you are now also sharing this valuable life changing plan with others.
If we all stick to it and make it a daily part of our life we WILL see the positive changes. After all we are created by God to give our utmost to his highest. I'm also willing to share to anyone the whole diet I have kept for all these years.
Thank you again for your wonderful incites and wisdom. Gus F

What experience have you had with God lately?