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Thursday, November 13, 2014


The name Haggai means My Feast. God is having a party and He wants things done His way. The prophet preaches three messages (and gives directions) to the returning Jewish remnant. There is a lot we can learn as well.

1. Directed towards the people’s hands (1:1-15) It says, Reform. It is time to rebuild the temple but only under God’s instruction. A. God – “Build the temple!” The people say, “It’s not time”. They were materialistic, so even though they plant much they will harvest little. God says, ”If you build I will bless!”B. God’s spokesmen – God speaks through three of His servants: Zerubbabel (Judah’s governor), Jeshua (or “Joshua”, the high priest), and Haggai (Judah’s prophet). – What in your life do you need to rebuild or renew?

2. Directed towards people’s hearts (2:1-9) it says, Patience. There is weeping and rejoicing at the modest second temple’s dedication. Haggai attempts to encourage all as he speaks to the future magnificent millennial temple A. The buildings – God’s presence is more important than the structures. B. The builder – God himself will build the future temple after Christ’s return.  Is your heart full of patience or something else?

3. Directed towards people’s heads (2:10-23) It says, Ponder. think about are: A. Past problems – He asks two questions about holiness and being defiled. A person cannot pass on holiness, but can cause another to be contaminated with sin. B. Future Promises – If the people repent and lay the temple’s foundation, God will now abundantly bless them. What are some God things that you need to think about today?