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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Moment with God

A trip to a Pastor's conference last year took a little more patience than I was prepared for. The drive was a lot longer, 90 miles, twice the distance of my normal airport. It took over 20 minutes to find a parking spot followed by a 45 minute security line!

I had just enough time to get a cup of coffee before going to my gate, and no one was in line at the Duncan Doughnut. As I stepped to the counter the server turned and said, “One moment please”. I could have got mad but decided to laugh at my hurriedness instead. “In a moment” I was enjoying a great cup of java with a smile on my face. I thought later that a lot can happen in a moment - both good and bad.

The Bible gives us good news about what can happen in a moment.

In a Moment:
- Through Christ you can cross from hopelessness to hope.
- You can talk with the Creator of the universe.
- We can be taken from this life in to eternity with God.
-  Christ will return (In the twinkling of an eye).

Slow down – take your moment with God today. Amen?