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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kingdom Minded

Two thousand years ago, a carpenter from Nazareth named Jesus burst on the scene with a vision that has changed the world. Everywhere He went Jesus inspired the imaginations of many people by painting a picture of a spiritual and relational movement like none that had ever existed before.

Some would go without food just to be near Him. Others would travel miles to hear Him tell about a God who loved them personally. They thronged to hear Him teach about a phenomenon He called the Kingdom of God.” They found it hard to believe that God’s gift of forgiveness and salvation was for everyone.

For three years, Jesus Christ proclaimed the Good News of the Kingdom and then He was betrayed, arrested, beaten, and murdered on a cross.  His followers thought the Kingdom-vision was dead. 

But three days later Jesus rose from the grave, and His Kingdom dream was as alive as He was. He opened their minds to see that the kingdom He had been teaching about for three years was not a political kingdom, but a far greater one, a spiritual kingdom—the rule of God in people’s hearts,

Does God rule in your heart?

Accept Jesus in to your heart, and enter in to the Kingdom of God!