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Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Once Was Lost

My church recently got to lead in the opening Vesper service at our county fair. I spoke about how terrifying it is when you or someone you love is lost. In Luke 15 Jesus tells three beautiful stories about lost things being found.

1. The lost sheep was rescued.
2. The lost silver coin was redeemed.
3. The lost son was restored.

All three of these stories have the same ending - rejoicing! Before we met Christ all of us were lost, but He came to rescue, redeem, and restore us. "God so loves the world...". Always remember that Jesus cares about the lost people of this world, and so should we. As His hands and feet we are to bring those who have separated themselves from God because of sin. Remember listen to their story. Share with them your story of salvation. Give them Jesus' story of redemption and God's love.

Accepting Christ's gift of eternal life brings the lost out of darkness in to the light of God's presence.

Always share God's love with the lost - it's amazing to see grace in action. Amen?