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Monday, July 21, 2014

Fast Trouble

Today I will continue to share with you about the question; Why Me?Another thing that has become all so real in my wife's diagnosis is that trouble can come quickly. We've all seen the commercial that warns; Life comes at you fast. Job certainly understood that life could change in a moment.

In the GodQuest  sermon series we looked at the question;  Why is there suffering? Three things the story of Job shows us:  
1. I am shown that God does not cause evil. 
2. It shows that I can be sure that my perspective is limited. 
3. It shows that I can be satisfied that God is at work. 
After Job chapter 2 ends, the next thirty-five chapters are filled with the opinions and philosophies of men, trying to answer the question, Why is Job suffering?  

While Job felt like life was spinning out of control, God never did. He never lost control. God speaks in chapter 38. God does some of His best work in our lives during our darkest trials. 

Not everyone’s suffering ends so completely, so happily … on this earth anyway. But everyone’s suffering ends. And someday, God promises, so will evil. And while we may often get impatient in the meantime, the Bible says that God is at work … all the time … and His purpose is far more greater, than making our lives happy and easy or even making our lives livable.

His purpose is bringing about His glory and leading us all into His kingdom, that will far surpass this one. Amen?