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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why Me Blessing

There can be a blessing in WHY ME? Think of it like this: Why am I so blessed to have ten fingers, ten toes, and to have people that love me? Why me, to be able to walk, talk, and hear? Why am I so blessed with my family, church, and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?

You can overcome any struggle with God’s grace. Troubles are never fun and we would rather avoid them. We must remember that our greatest growth in life will never come from times of ease and comfort.  We need to believe that all of us are given trials to make us better, not to make us bitter.” We all have a choice in the way we view our lives. We can say “Why me?” in a “poor me” way, or we can say “Why me?!” in an “I’m so blessed” way.

 We have the choice to see the light and joy in life rather than allowing ourselves to focus on the dark/sadness. We have the choice to learn from our trials, allowing them to refine our character and help us become a stronger, more charitable, and Christ focused person. We all have the choice to say “Why Me?! Why am I so blessed?”

Today use Why Me? - to be your  shout of triumph, praise, and a witness to God’s blessing on your life. Even in troubled times God’s grace is abundant and a blessing. It's all about how and what you focus on. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Amen?