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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Close Enough

The definition of preparation is: readiness; organization; arranged in advance; provide needs; make complete

Is God involved in your preparation for 2016? Or, do things just happen, and you respond to them?

Maybe your perception about “things” in life needs to change.

We are on the road of life, but we are not alone. By recognizing who is walking with us can change your whole perception and understanding about your situation. The question would be, “Are you close enough to hear?”

We listen with our heart, mind, soul, eyes, and ears. It is out of our intimacy with God that comes life, service, care, wisdom, and ministries. Jesus is willing to prepare you for what the year will bring. We need to spend time with Him. Who are you listening to?

May we spend more time getting closer to God through Jesus this year. Amen?