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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jesus Thing

I recently heard a sermon on a passage of Scripture that most of us have heard many times before. In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus told the story of The Good Samaritan when asked, Who is my neighbor? A man was left half-dead and a priest and a Levite passed by without helping. Only the Samaritan showed love for his fellow human being and cared for this poor man. It's a great lesson on being concerned for others and be willing to pay the cost that comes from living a life of service.

But something struck me about this story. How does it end? Does the man fully recover? Will he ever be able to thank the man who saved his life?

I think Jesus stopped the story where He did on purpose. You see, what we do should not be dependent on if it's all going to end well, and we are going to be thanked or rewarded somehow.

We care because He first cared for us. That's what being Jesus with skin on is all about. Not just doing the right thing, but doing the Jesus thing.

Be wise today and always. Be Jesus to someone.