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Friday, February 28, 2014

Truth Exists

Jesus made a simple, straightforward statement that day in John 14 that spoke volumes to the people of His day and likewise speaks volumes to us in our day. In fact, Jesus said things that are as relevant and applicable to us as they were to Thomas and the other disciples those many years ago. Because of Jesus   I can know that truth exists.

When Jesus told Thomas, “I am the way and the truth and the life,” He was not only making a true statement; He was making a true statement about truth!

Here is where the easy believism or benign “whatever-ism” of many of our friends and neighbors breaks down. A lot of folks will say that “Jesus is just all right with me,” you know, that Jesus was a great man and an inspirational philosopher whose teachings ought to be followed … but they will also tend to say that there is no right and wrong, there is no true or false, and truth is just “whatever,” you know? Truth is whatever I say it is, and YOUR truth is whatever YOU say it is.

But there is an obvious problem with that: Jesus taught that truth exists! Jesus did not treat truth as a personal preference; He spoke of it as an objective reality. He could have said, “I am the truth … for me.” He could have said, “I am the truth … for you.” He could have said, “I am the truth … if you want me to be.” But He didn’t say any of those things. He said, “I am the … truth.”

Be wise - when Jesus says, “I am the truth,” understand His clear intention is to say that truth exists.