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Friday, September 27, 2013

Starting Over for Your Own Good

Part of experiencing a call from God is examining God’s Message. In Jeremiah’s case it was that the Lord was going to destroy and then start over (vv. 9-10) 9-10God reached out, touched my mouth, and said, "Look! I've just put my words in your mouth—hand-delivered! See what I've done? I've given you a job to do among nations and governments—a red-letter day! Your job is to pull up and tear down, take apart and demolish, and then start over, building and planting." (The Message)

Jeremiah’s and our challenge is much the same, pull up, tear down, take apart, and demolish! What would happen if we applied these instructions to any life situations that don’t bring the Lord glory?

1. pull up – This means the roots and foundation.

2. tear down - We are to knock down obstructions.

3. take apart  - We must disassemble what was.

4. demolish  - We should remove and clean as if it wasn’t there.

And then start over, building and planting."- God’s way this time. (verse 10)
Is your hope in Christ even if it means starting over?
Remember that eternal hope through Christ brings present hope for your life.
Be wise today and always - listen carefully to God's instructions.