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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Everyday

The Bible tells us that God will release His power to us. Now that’s empowerment. We show God faith when we rely and use it!
1. God's power is shown by His Hand (creation, flood, law, etc.)
2. God's power is shown through people ion the Bible (Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, the Prophets, etc.)
3. God's power is shown through us (His children, Me & You)
After seeing the resurrected Lord why are we hanging around with "dead people". Don't go back to the way things were before. Experience the new life God has for you!
What are you going to do the day after Easter? Should our joy turn in to despair over what awaits us? We shout He Lives but then we have to go and make a living! Instead let’s agree to celebrate Easter every day!
         Once you come to grip with your situation,
         Then through salvation you recieve your identification.
         You will be sure of your destination.
         And that will be cause for a Celebration!

Be wise today and always - celebrate Easter everyday.