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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Israel was starving to death. There was a great famine throughout the land. The only country that had food was Egypt. The ironic thing is that the man in charge was the brother who they sold in to slavery, Joseph. He became their deliverer from certain death.

Over the years  the Pharaoh forgot Joseph, but the Hebrew nation continued to grow in spite of being in bondage for 400 years. The people's cries reached God, and He sent another deliverer by the name of Moses.

God sent ten plagues on Egypt - the last one was death to the firstborn son. Accept those who had sacrificed a lamb and put the blood above their doors. The angel of death "passed over" these homes. The Hebrews were released from slavery and celebrated the first Passover because of a blood of the lamb.

Death will pass over us as well because of the blood that was shed on Calvary by Jesus Christ. The perfect sacrifice for our sins - by the blood of God's Lamb. Praise the Lord!

Be wise today and always - praise God for our Deliverer Jesus!