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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hope in the Journey

This week we will begin a month long journey through the Bible. In it we will witness man’s existence from creation to the end of time. Two things have always been consistent:
There will be struggles
There will be God

People have had it hard. Sometimes the hardships were of their own doing and other times it was forced upon them, but God was there to see them through it.

Noah lived in a world saturated with sin and evilness.

God’s chosen people were enslaved in Egypt.

David faced a giant named Goliath.

Israel was taken over, and her people taken in bondage to Babylon.

400 years went by without a fresh Word from God.

The Roman army took control over the Holy Land.

Jesus was betrayed and put to death on a cross.

The disciples were tortured, put to death, or imprisoned.


But God: created a new world after the flood and saved Noah’s family.

He sent a deliver named Moses that set His people free.

The Lord gave power to the boy with a slingshot that beat the giant.

He restored Israel back to their homeland.

God sent His one and only begotten Son to overcome the world.

He created a new covenant for all people with His blood.

Jesus overcame death and rose from the grave!

The church continues to grow in spite of adversity.


Bad things happen in life, but God will see His people through them. Every believer has new hope! Having God’s hope for eternity will give you hope in this life.

Be wise today and always - regardless of where you find yourself today there is Hope in the Journey.