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Friday, October 25, 2013


Israel was God’s chosen people. He had entered in to a covenant with them starting with Abraham.  In Jeremiah 10:1-16, God’s prophet pleads with his people to listen to message that God is sending them. Their covenant has been broken. God is showing them the difference between their pretend gods and the only true God.

The False Gods (vv. 1-5) – idols made of wood are good for nothing accept burning.

The Conspiracy (vv.6-9) – the world tells you of “other gods”, and your mind becomes polluted.

The Real Thing (v. 10) the true, living, eternal God cannot be compared to any other

The Stick Gods (vv. 11-15) – are frauds and after the fire they will be nothing but ashes.

The Lord Almighty is His Name (v. 16) – The Portion of Jacob is a name for God representing His power, promises, and purposes for Israel and all mankind.

You can define this covenant process that God desires as an oath, agreement, or vow to do something as promised. It is a solemn, formal declaration to fulfill a pledge.

Be wise today and always - remember God always keeps His end of any promise. Do you?