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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ongoing Dialogue

Remember that most of the book of Jeremiah is a dialogue. It is mostly between the prophet and God. Today we will continue to listen in on this conversation in Jeremiah 14:1-16. In this chapter Judah is suffering a judgment in the form of a great drought. They have not seen rain in a long time. This judgment began in the latter end of Josiah’s reign, and continued in the beginning of Jehoiakim’s.

We see 3 things in this dialogue:

A calamity (verses 1-6) The people were in tears, but it was more for the trouble they were experiencing (the drought) than of their sin. Always be thankful for the blessing of water than to be taught to value it by the loss of it. The people will not pray, but the prophet prays for them. Sin is humbly confessed. Prayers may ask for forgiveness because of the glory of Jesus’ name. We are to show ourselves more concerned for God's glory than for our own comfort. If we return to the Lord, he will save us to the glory of his grace. This is part of that vertical relationship that He desires
A confession (verses 7-9) A prayer to God to put an end to this calamity and to return in mercy to their land, Jer. 14:7-9.
We know we’re guilty. We’ve lived bad lives—but do something, God. Do it for your sake! Time and time again we’ve betrayed you. No doubt about it—we’ve sinned against you. Hope of Israel! Our only hope! Israel’s last chance in this trouble! Why are you acting like a tourist, taking in the sights, here today and gone tomorrow? Why do you just stand there and stare, like someone who doesn’t know what to do in a crisis? But God, you are, in fact, here, here with us! You know who we are—you named us! Don’t leave us in the lurch. - Message
A Condemnation (verses 10-16) The Lord calls the Jews "this people," not "his people." They had forsaken his service, therefore he would punish them according to their sins. He forbid Jeremiah to plead for them any longer. The Lord pronounces condemnation on false prophets; and the people who followed them. False teachers encourage men to expect peace and salvation, without repentance, faith, conversion, and holiness of life. But those who believe a lie cannot plead it for an excuse. Ignorance of the law is never a valid excuse. They will feel what they say they will not fear.
Be wise today and always - keep talking and listening to God.