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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Balm for Your Healing

You can't fully recover from most illnesses unless you know what it is and how to treat them. When it comes to our spiritual healing it might be a "bitter pill" to swallow.

Are you ready to look in the mirror and see how sin has effected you? Judah was still not willing to do that. We will continue our study of Jeremiah chapter 8 on Recovery and Health study today.

Verses 1–3: DESECRATION Such will be the desecration in the judgment to come on Jerusalem, that bones of kings, princes, priests, prophets, and people will be scattered like refuse and ignored.
Verses 4–7: DEGRADATION Jerusalem’s degradation causes their backsliding to continue, with deceit and wickedness going hand in hand with ignorance of God’s coming judgment.
Verses 8–12: DEVIATION They will be misled by false scribes, shameful ‘wise men’, covetousness, falsehood, and shameless abomination. They will expect peace, but only receive punishment. They will not be able to blush over the foulness of their sin.
 Verses 13: DAMNATION God will consume them and take away all their means of livelihood, pictured here by the failure to grow grapes, figs and leaves.
Verses 14–22: DOMINATION As Babylon invades from the north via Dan, a realization dawns that peace is not for Israel. The conquering invaders will be as serpents and vipers, and bitter will be the state of those who sin against the Lord. Sorrow and faintness are in the heart of Jeremiah, as he mourns his people’s idolatry and hurt. There is no balm or physician to relieve their sin-sickness, and they are not saved. – source The Bible Panorama

Read chapter eight today as a mirror or voice of God in dealing with areas of your life that don't bring Him glory.

Be wise today and always - seek God's healing and healthy lifestyle.