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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calling Sin...Sin

Studying the Bible can be a lot like looking at the news and world around us. In our study of Jeremiah we have seen many instances of Judah breaking their covenant with God.
  • Trusting in self more than God
  • Unnatural sexual relations
  • Making gods out of your own creation
  • Children hating their parents
  • Sexual perversion
  • Being envious and coveting other people’s stuff
  • Truth called lies and lies called truth
  • Murder of children for the sake of convenience and outside pressure
  • Redefining God’s plan for humanity

Sounds a lot like our culture today doesn’t it? The good news is that even in the midst of all of this rejection of God’s Word and His desire for our lives He still stands true to His promises and covenant with us. It’s not about public opinion, personal feelings, or government legislation.  It’s about standing firm on God’s Truth and Jesus Christ’s covenant in His blood that last forever and fever. Amen?

Be wise today and always – don’t follow the crowd - follow the Christ.