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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Listen Up - Wise Up

The people in Jeremiah's time had a problem with staying connected with God. This led to their misery and downfall. Remember these five words: recognize, stop, move, listen, and respond. These actions can help you in your relationship with people but more importantly with God. This comes from my own personal experience. Picture this; I am watching tv by myself in another room of my house and I hear my eife say something. I know she is saying something to me but don't have a clue what she said.

 I have three choices: 1. Ignore 2. Answer "Yes" and hope It will come to me later what she wants! Both of these actions are unacceptable. Consider #3. I need to Recognize she is trying to communicate something to me. I must Stop what I am doing and give her my attention. If I Move to where she is at it will create clarity for my understanding. When I am in her presence I can Listen to what she is saying, so I may Respond in the correct way. That will help make a happy wife - happy life!

If we use these same steps we will enhance our relationship with God, and will be able to know His desire for our lives.

Be wise today and always - take steps to know God better.